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Needing ideas for a summer ADVENTURE?  

Looking for a fun day out on summer break?

Explore Boulder, Colorado with one of our History Hunts!

About History Hunts

Discover the famous LOCALES and hidden GEMS of Boulder, Colorado like never before through the unique experience of a History Hunt! For young EXPLORERS and seasoned ADVENTURERS, local EXPERTS and eager TOURISTS, our treasure hunts are designed to be done by ANYONE, at ANYTIME.


FIND a History Hunt!

WHO are History Hunts for? 


All hunts are created so they can be completed by a wide variety of hunters. We have multiple levels of hunts specially designed for everyone from the first-time discoverer to the seasoned traveler. 

All of our hunts are designed with directions to be decoded, clues to be solved, and local history tidbits for extra fun! Everyone, no matter how old or experienced they are, will have a experience not to be soon forgotten!

HOW do History Hunts Work?


All of our History Hunts are self-guided, and all you need to complete them are the clues and a group ready to tackle them. Once at the starting location, you can navigate through each hunt and back the start using just the directions provided - no maps or GPS needed!

In each clue, you will decode an answer to be eliminated, and if solved correctly, you will have only one remaining answer by the end of the hunt, hopefully its the right one!


As a final step, SUBMIT your answer at the link below.


What Other Hunters Have to Say...

Super fun, easy to follow and interesting treasure hunt. I enjoyed walking around CU campus and learning about its history. Would totally do it again!

~ Muriel S, local student

University of Colorado Boulder & The Hill

“This was a great tour of Pearl Street and a way to explore the area through something more than just walking. It was a fun challenge for our group!”

~ Lily S, local student

Downtown Boulder & Boulder Creek

The treasure hunt was super fun and interactive! I learned a lot about CU and enjoyed walking around and seeing campus. 

~ Lynley S, local student

University of Colorado Boulder & The Hill

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