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Meet Anna!

Welcome! My name is Anna Needy, the founder of History Hunts and an 8th grader in Boulder, Colorado. I have always loved solving clues, treasure hunts, and escape rooms, and my favorite TV show is the ultimate scavenger hunt, The Amazing Race. In my free time, I am a competitive swimmer and ultimate frisbee player, and I love playing pretty much any sport. My favorite thing about creating scavenger hunts is making the clues fun to solve, so I hope you enjoy your History Hunt journey as much as I enjoyed designing it!

Our Mission

With our hunts centered around the local community, we want to give back to the communities we built these hunts on. After finishing a History Hunt, submit the answer you came to on our website, and we handle the rest! For every correct answer submitted, we will donate $1 to an organization related to the hunt. Click on the organizations on the left to learn more about them. 

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Downtown Boulder & Boulder Creek
University of Colorado Boulder & The Hill
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