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Explore beautiful BOULDER, COLORADO with our hunts across the city and surrounding area. At different locations, lengths and difficulty levels there is truly something for EVERYONE 

Boulder History Hunts

If you are looking for a more PERSONALIZED adventure in the Boulder area, we want to help! We will work with you to create a custom history hunt UNIQUE to your stories and experiences.
Custom History Hunt Interest Form

Custom hunts are great for special events and personalized fun, so if you are interested, please fill out the form below to get in contact with us. The hunt must be within the Boulder area, and please allow at least 4 months for us to create your hunt. If you have a place in mind for your hunt, or ideas for what you want it to look like, please share them below. Otherwise, we will get in touch with you soon and begin the process together!

Thanks for submitting!
We’ll get back to you shortly.

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